Pat's Parquet Project

Mom, here are the pics I promised.  You saw this project in part while you were here.  Here is a picture history of the whole project.

To see larger picture, click on thumbnails.

These are the 3 inch oak flooring board we pulled up during the house demolition.  Here, we are gluing some to make the wider pieces.

Here, we have ripped the 3/4" thick oak floor in half and then planed them to 1/4" thick.  Now we will stain them the two colors needed, brown and dark brown.

The long stained boards were then cut and separated into the pieces needed for assembly.

Each tile required 28 pieces. A 1/4" piece of plywood was used for the backing.  Pieces were glued to the board while in this assembly frame.

Once assembled, pieces were tightened using board and hammer on fourth/open side.

Initial layout to determine design and look.

Parquet tiles make up the center field of floor and then we used thin stained stripping to frame the field, much like the frame of a painting.

Black boards are stained with three coats of Ebony stain.